Services Offered

    • Dental screening and prophylaxis

      On the 1st appointment- A detailed oral examination and case history is carried out, X-rays and photographs are taken, and after analyzing the case in detail, an ideal treatment plan along with the estimate is given to the patient.

    • Patient education data

      The waiting room is well equipped with dental brochures and videos with the various treatment options.

    • Digital X-rays with 90% less radiation, patients can view X-rays immediately on the LCD screen mounted on the chair.

    • High definition intraoral camera shows patient areas of concern which are hidden to the naked eye.

    • Esthetic dentistry

      Smile makeovers enhance one’s confidence levels immensely. An ideal smile can be achieved by taking care of the irregularities, shape, color of the teeth by getting them in harmony with each other. It is a highly experienced job and is carried out by our smile makeover specialist.

    • In our setup before every surgical procedure, we carry out necessary vital parameters like Blood Pressure, Sugar check & pulse monitoring.

We use an Aerial fogging machine for disinfection

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