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Dr. Gautam Laud’s Clinic

At Dr. Laud’s Dental Clinic, we believe in providing gentle treatments using the latest technology for your safety and painless experience for you. We have dedicated ourselves to making your experience comfortable and relaxed. We are a team of expert dental professionals who believe in maintaining high ethical and professional standards in our practice and provide state of the art dental treatments through our world-class facilities at the clinic. Our endeavor with every patient is to focus on the overall health and appearance of your teeth and smile. So get ready to flash you radiant smile without any inhibitions or insecurities.

Why us?

We care for our patients and that shows in everything we do at the clinic – from the fumigation process we follow before and after every procedure, to our sterilization protocols, to safe practices like using a lead collar for every patient during an X-ray, to the procedure methodology where we ensure that it is as painless as possible for the patient.

  • Our clinic abides by and exceeds all international standards in the dentistry practice. When it comes to your health and hygiene, we make no compromises. We follow the International European Sterilization Standard EN13060 which ensures that the cleaning and sterilization protocols we follow make the practice extremely safe for our patients. These machines are computerized.
  • We partner with the University of Louisville, the USA on technical consultation for maintaining the sterility assurance for our patients.
  • We ensure that every patient is given complete care and attention before and after the procedure to ensure they are resuming back to their day to day activities without any hindrances.
  • We make any procedure affordable and accessible to everyone by offering Flexible Finance Options.
  • Latest technology lasers and procedure equipment for your ease and comfort
  • We are a highly qualified and experienced Dental team
  • We follow the ISO 9001 specification pertaining to all dental materials used at the clinic.
  • We are having an ISO 9001: 2015 Certification
  • We use an Aerial fogging machine for  disinfection

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Sterilization Monitored by University of Louisville, Kentucky, USA


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